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deviation in storage by Ludiiicrous
deviation in storage by Ludiiicrous


Diemos JW_Rex by FauxyDingo92
Diemos JW_Rex
After seeing Jurassic world, I have been needing some sexy dino beefcake in my life!!! His info is as follows as he is based on a story that my sis and I are making, and also a character to love and do a bunch of stuff with

Diemos (“terrible” in Greek)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

                                “human”- 8 ft 10 in                          Feral-  20 ft  at the hips,  60 ft from head to tail

                               “human”- 458 lbs of muscle         Feral- 13 tons


   Feral, and male of few words… If he does not like you he will try and kill you and eat you… has a tendency to salivate around Myi'Ya as she looks like one of his fave meals.. deer

  Myi'Ya, Meat mostly alive, tearing things apart

humans… anything that is not Meat and Myi'Ya, Ares (Velociraptor, that blinded him in his left eye)

He was given that name because of how many people feared him, has he was a lot larger than the T rexes that were created. He was first created as a female, but due to human error and lack of understanding of Amphibian Genes, the increase of testosterone turned the female in to a male.  Due to him being created, there is not too much info on him.

Diemos was a fighter with many scars showing of his victories and sacrifices. The scar on his left eye was due to Ares, a velociraptor that got a hold of his face, and caused him to go blind in that eye. He is  also a double amputee, due to an accident; he lost both of his arms, but was given new mechanical arms through a Prosthetic program. He was given to Myi'Ya, as an experiment to try and tame him, to use him to teach children. He was a handful with Myi'Ya, as he never listened to her and even tries to eat her on many occasions, and most thought it was a hopeless cause, but she never gave up on him, which is what drew him to her.

It was later found out that the reason that they were to be tamed was that there was a deeper experiment, where scientists were trying to splice human DNA in to some of the dinosaurs so they can be reservoirs for their genetics and can live in the human world, if something were to happen to the park…Again. Diemos looks less human out of all of the dinos because no one was willing to give him the needed amount of serum, and if it was done, he was tranquilized in order to do so.

Myi'Ya met his human form and literally freaked out for a few hours over it, then got pissed off because everything that was being told to her was a lie. She promised Diemos, that she would do her hardest to help him.

The more he was around her the more that these weird feelings began to grow. The more he just wanted to be near her, to have her body against his… Marking her and making her belong to him…

What will happen, when what you have been training, wants to be your mate…?

Diemos Belongs to me... do not use him without permission!!!



Fauxy Dingo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
HIYA!!! Im Fauxy!!!....
A cute lil dingo dino fruit bat. i am with my lil buddy Ichigo!!

I has a awesome sissy/littermate/ 'mate'!! :iconoshiiryuu: she is a great person and im glad to call her my sis...

yea... um... well.. Im not really too important... Im 20 and I live in Mckinney Tx, but go to school in Tallahassee Fl... pleez.. it is not as cool as it sounds..

I enjoy Monster high.. and trying.. but failing at getting my Ocs up.. =x=' I enjoy drawing anthros and yaoi... and something that i would like to do is learn to get better with coloring on the computer with my tablet, and i want to learn to color traditionally!!

I like almost any music... even some country.. Oxo I know hard to believe... My music player of choice is my new.. IPOD NANO!!! X3 its so cute!!

Personal Quote: "U may think I'm crazy but I think I'm normal and noone cares what chu think"

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