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Spook_DAD [TRADE] by FauxyDingo92
My part of the trade with Liz on facebook of her DAD, Spook!!

Dutchies belong to Ino!!!
Guess Who's back?! by FauxyDingo92
Guess Who's back?!

After stuff going on from mentally, physically and emotionally, I have been wanting to remake up the babe that was my first!!!!

So here is new and improve Fauxy Dingo!!!

Name: Fauxy Dingo

Sex: Female

Species: Fruitbat Dingo Dino Otter Goat

Age: 24

DOB: August 21, 1992

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Physique: C cup and slightly pudgy due to college food

Occupation: 3rd year Vet student. Waitress/bartender

Special interest/Crush: Orion, belonging to itamachi

Personality: She is very shy and timid around people that she doesn't know. But the people that do know her describe her as loyal and a hardworker. She is also very naive, as that tends to get her into a lot of trouble. She has a low self esteem, but she is slowly trying to get better with it. She puts heart and soul into everything she does, and the people that she loves, which is a reason it is so hard for her to let go of people sometimes. She will stress herself out and is a very big perfectionist and a bad critique of herself and her art.

She is trying to get out of her bubble with her friends. She has some mean tendencies, but they are very rare. She is also is very hard on herself as it has pushed many people away. She hates being alone, as that dependence on others has been really hard on the few friends that she has.

Eyes: due to a recessive gene deficiency, she has two different colored eyes. Because of that, she is legally blind and can't see well during the day which is why she wears glasses most of the time (accessories). She also have reflective lenses that allow her to see better at night.

Birthmark: Above her lower back to the left, she has a heart shaped birthmark; no one knows where it came from.

Pet; Ichigo, or Ichi for short, is her pet strawberry fruit bat. The lil bat fell from a tree and hurt his wing... She took care of him and nursed him back to health, and after that Ichi never left her side. Usually he is seen in his smaller size, but due to unknown circumstances, he is able to grow into a mountable size.

Accessories: In her human form she has a collar that she enjoys wearing. A ring was given to her by Orion that she wears around her neck, because it won’t fit on her fingers. She also has bad eye sight, so she wears glasses. She also enjoys carrying around a squeaky cookie that Orion gave to her, that is a stress reliever and squeaks when you squeeze it.

Outfits: She enjoys her jeans and graphic tees and her custom digigrade converse, but when she is at home by herself, and with Orion, she will sport a tank top and undies to enjoy sleeping in. Her work outfit consists of a white shirt, striped vest and black skirt, with black thigh highs. She enjoys the kitty key hole bra set, that Orion got her, as he enjoys her in it.


Fauxy Dingo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
HIYA!!! Im Fauxy!!!....
A cute lil dingo dino fruit bat. i am with my lil buddy Ichigo!!

yea... um... well.. Im not really too important... Im 23 and I live in Mckinney Tx, but go to veterinary school in Tuskegee, Al...

I enjoy drawing anthros and yaoi... and something that i would like to do is learn to get better with coloring on the computer with my tablet, and i want to learn to color traditionally!!

I like almost any music... even some country.. Oxo I know hard to believe... My music player of choice is my phone...

Personal Quote: "U may think I'm crazy but I think I'm normal and noone cares what chu think"

My Furaffinity:…
My Weasyl:
My facebook page:…

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